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    Any app for android ??

    Is there any app that you guys recommend for smart phone ?
    Thank you in advance !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jvr View Post
    Is there any app that you guys recommend for smart phone ?
    Thank you in advance !!
    I like Bitzer.

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    Carrier CE app

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    I like the Danfoss apps

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    I have all the hvac buddy's
    Don't like the pt. I have better luck with the slider (danfoss)

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    I appreciate your answers, I'll check it out

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    I have become a big fan of Cam Scanner found here

    It really shines when you get your filing system dialed in and you can take a snapshot of every piece of equipments nameplate and have it with you anytime. Highly recommend using with Google Drive , this way you can log on to any computer and access the nameplates.

    Has saved me a bunch of time going through notes and they can be converted into a PDF file so you can email it directly to the vendor when searching parts, they seem to really appreciate it, the days of a dyslexic number are virtually over.

    I also scanned my EPA card, drivers license and business card... Be sure to security lock your phone if you do this....

    I also have Look out security...

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