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    Help with my Venstar T1800 Thermostat


    Iím having an issue adjusting my heat/cool differential on my Venstar T1800 thermostat. I have a brand new recently installed heat pump. I canít seem to figure out how to set my thermostat so it doesnít turn on after only a difference of two 2 degree. My heat pump turns on and off through out the night constantly. I have followed the instructions as indicated on the manual but canít seem to lock the 4 degree differential which I have chosen. What can I do to reduce the start and stop of my system?

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    Your heat cool diff. is the dead band between them going bach and forth from heat to cool in the auto change over mode. Not the temp change from cylcing on and off. You could try and have your Cycles per hour shortened from 6 to 3 or 4 and you will see it will affect your run time, it might not affect it in a good way though. Or you can try to adjust the Deadband from 2 to 4. Not sure what you want , this is the best I can give you. I am a Ventstar dealer.

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    What im hoping to achieve is to reduce the start/stop of the heat pump through out the night. My house isnt very well insulated to start off with, so it doesnt retain the heat very well. I timed it last night and the system turns off after reaching the designated temp, 7 minutes later the temp drops 2 degrees and the system turns back on. This happens constantly through out the night. All the stop and start cant be good for my unit and it isnt good for my wallet either. ill gothrough the manual again and change the dead band. Do I change them on all 3 stages? What impact will changing the deadbands have on the unit? Again, thanks for the response!

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