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    Need a pro in Allentown, PA

    My Grandma's house had a Bryant Model BN-35e warm air oil furnace installed in 86? I think. It is now been red tagged and for good reason. It is flowing more oil into the furnace than needed(tech's words). Running but will not restart after being off for long and requires to be reset then in rumbles for a bit but runs.

    Last time in was serviced was on a no-heat call. Fixed with new nozzle & ignitors and burning at 71% eff.

    My oil company. has serviced and delivered the oil for most of it's life. They red tagged today after I called about the problem above. I kinda knew it was going to happen.

    So it needs replacement and the salesman came by, took some duct measurements but never actually did a load calc or anything like that. When I informed him she had no real cold air returns(basically voids in the floor with sheetmetal around them) he just kinda ignored me.

    I also expressed complete lack or airflow to the upstairs and again he seemed not that interested.

    Currently the house is vacant so it can sit cold for a while, I already turned off the water main and drained the pipes. I need someone willing to at least talk to me on those issues and any others I don't know about.

    I looked at the contractor map and no one is really close to my area so that is why I came looking for help. Also they want to install an Armstrong Oil Furnace as a replacement.
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