We have an area here at work that has been using propane space heaters(250k btu's x 2) that are used during snowstorms or during extreme cold. The problem is here this is at a remote facility and while i am changing all the other heating systems over to be controlled by my own means. This one is the only one left giving me problems and will result in us still having to manually fire it.

Have you guys seen any space heaters out there with built in control boards, with bacnet mstp or any other protocols?? The other thing is that these need to be portable as when testing is being done, the engineers that work in the test facility can remove these themseves as nothing can be in there but what they are testing at any given time.

Could just hook up a gas valve, igniter and thermacouple and program a controller to do what i want and fire the existing heater but i am sure that would be against code

any ideas?