I would like some advice on humidifier options for a new house I'm building in Manhattan Beach California.

I know humidifiers are not really required where we live, but we do run portable cool mist ultrasonic humidifiers in our bedrooms at night during the winter, so I may just as well install a whole house humidifier instead or in addition.

New construction, 3800sqft house, 10ft ceilings, two story, dual HVAC systems, dual Nest controllers, one system for upstairs and one for downstairs.
Downstairs FAU mounted horizontally in garage, upstairs FAU mounted vertically in closet (no space in ceiling due to low pitch of roof and build height restrictions).
Equipment is Goodman high efficiency (95% downstairs and 96% upstairs) natural gas heaters, I don't know the exact model numbers.
75cfm 24/7 whole house extractor fan per local building codes.

From my own research I was planning on using AprilAire 700 or Honeywell TrueEase HE300 fan powered evaporative pad humidifiers.
They seem to be a reasonably energy efficient (compared to steams hig electrical cost) and hygienic (compared to drum humidifers where water stand) option.

This morning my HVAC contractor, who admits to having limited humidifier installation experience due to the local climate, brought me a Skuttle 592-22 Spray Humidifier.
He says the supply house "old timers" say this is the way to go as they have very few returns on this unit.

So I really have the following questions:
1. Should I even consider a spray humidifier, I thought they are no longer used?
2. Between AprilAire 700 and Honeywell HE300, which one?
3. Space in upstairs FAU closet is limited, contractor suggest to install humidifier on A-coil unit instead of reworking ductwork to make plenum large enough for install. Is installing the humidifer on the a-coil unit acceptable?

Thank you