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    Confused Need advice on Outside Unit Freezing Up / Contractor Replaced Defrost Board 3 Times

    Hi Folks!

    Just need some advice I've had an issue with the outdside unit, a Payne PH10JA060, freezing up and not going into a defrost cycle unless either the Orange and Red wires are crossed OR the unit is put into Air Conditioning mode. The contractor initially said the defrost board was bad and replaced the board and sensor. Well, it appears there is something else going on. He has now replaced the defrost board a total of 3 times. They now say there is a short somewhere but they can't find it and it's causing the defrost boards to go bad. They want to replace the reversing valve but he's not sure that will fix the problem and I may need a whole new unit.

    I would love to get some thoughts on this from the Pros. I've got a second company coming out to take a look but would love some advice before they come out.

    Thanks everyone!

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    What intervals is the timer set for? On that machine, I'd probably go 50/60 minutes tops. With the high number of fins per inch on that sucker and most of those little Carrier made units of the day, 90 minutes is way too long. Even if working fine, frost will be so thick after 90 minutes in humid weather that a defrost cycle can't get it all.

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    bad sensor, bad board, dirty coil, or low refrigerant.

    a short wont cause it to go bad unless the actual board is touching ground.

    it is most likely not the reversing valve if you can send 24v to it and it works.

    very easy to figure out. make sure 24volts is constant to the board.

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    The defrost time is set at 60 minutes intervals (all the dip switches are in the OFF (down) position on the CEPL130433-01). Oh, he also charged me for 2lbs of refrigerant the after replacing the first board. Thanks for the quick replys!

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    Doubt the reversing valve is bad. cause if it was then when its turned to A/C it would work.

    I thin you need another contractor to look at it.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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