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    Hobart AM14 short cycling of gas heat

    I am new here. I am the sole maintenance person on-site at a small school

    The Hobart AM14 (ML32614e) at school seems to be short cycling the gas heat after it reaches operating temperature.

    When I turn it on the water starts to flow, temp is about 140, the flame is on, the temp reaches 150 (normal wash temp) and the flame goes out, but then immediately re-starts, runs for a few min, the temp increases a few degrees the flame goes out and again immediately re-starts. This continues. I opened the door and closed it and it seemed to go through a normal wash cycle and rinse with rinse temp about 180

    I am wondering if this might be a simple temp probe problem, or a control board problem?

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    DISCLAIMER: Although I have MUCH experience on gas-heated cooking equipment, I have absolutely no experience on gas-heated dishwashers. The closest I've come to is a gas-fired Hatco booster heater. Gas-fired warewashing equipment is simply not very prolific in my area.

    So from your description, the flame goes out and then immediately restarts. That sounds like possibly a flame-proof issue, but I'm just speculating by your description.

    I certainly can't narrow the problem down to the temp control board or probe from the limited information you've provided. You're going to need to do some troubleshooting to distinguish whether it's a temperature control problem in the first place.

    The first question to answer is whether the temp control circuit is dropping out and then immediately rescinding by immediately calling for heat again (as you'd suggested), or whether the call for heat is indeed steady and something in the flame control circuit is the culprit.

    There's allot of "it could be" scenarios I could throw at the top of my head. However, there's a schematic in the dishwasher to use so you can determine those scenarios for yourself.

    If you can't troubleshoot the problem to that level, then it'd be best for you to call Hobart for a service call.
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    I am pretty sure it is the flame sensor in the burner box under the machine, while in there I would check the electrodes at each of the burner orifices to see if they need replaced as well. If the gap on the flame sensor is off a little bit it will spark and then go off continually. Check the spark wire as well, it tends to dry out in the heat and crack.

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