Let me first start by saying I am contracted IT support person at a distribution center and not an HVAC specialist. I have been asked to assist with a particular issue. With that being said here is the scenario. In the sprinkler room there is a PC that has ORCAview 3.33 installed Build (816). There is no longer any support for this PC or the software according to the site. The PC in the sprinkler room works perfectly. What the site would like is to have the same software installed on a 2nd PC located at the main security desk as they will be better able to monitor the readings. There does not appear to be an installation CD anywhere, so part of the request is can the software be downloaded and installed directly onto the 2nd PC? In addition, would the 2nd PC require a dongle? The original PC does appear to have a USB Dongle. Next, supposing that the software can be installed and the dongle issue is worked out one way or the other, is it just a matter of running the software and the proper readings will come up, or would there be some configuration after install in order to allow it to view the proper readings?

I am ready to do as much investigation as required to set this up and appreciate any help that I am offered.