Hi all!

It looks like everyone is either a professional or a novice looking for quick info to avoid hiring a professional. I'm not either, though HVAC falls into part of my job description.

I'm in the Air Force as an aircraft electricial and environmental systems maintainer. Basically everything power generation realated, then aircraft cooling and pressurization (all done mechanically), glycol and cold air based equipment cooling, liquid and gas oxygen system, and then:

oh yeah guy-fix the galley fridges! We basically get the freon stuff because hey, who else is going to figure it out?

We do get the EPA certs (thats a joke test BTW), and rip apart, troublshoot, maintain and service fridges and freezers for work but I wouldn't call us professionals when it comes to freon related HVAC. I can get 500degree jet engine bleed air down to 30 and pump it into whatever euipment you've got though.

I joined the site because we aren't really taught the details of how refrideration systems work. I know the compressors, condensers, line filters, etc, but nothing about super heat and detailed troubleshooting. Pretty much we hook up gauges, if its low you put some in, if its high (haha sure) you let it out, if its stuck in vacuum you have a clog, and if it burns up replace it.

I look forward to picking your brains in order to get better at my job and hopefully teach the other guys in the hanger. Maybe we can avoid some of our very common headaches by learning some better information and techniques.

Thank you in advance,