Can anyone answer this.

I have a customer with a large water cooled ice maker. It runs 24/7/365 and uses a lot of water to cool the process, let alone the lesser amount for the ice. The machine is indoors but the waste water goes outside. It is always running. When it was first installed years ago, the water was provided by a private well on the property. A few years ago, they had to change to municipal water. All water is now from the municipal water system. The well water is now considered to be water of a questionable source. It is totally and physically disconnected from the new water system. It is allowable to have "process water" for non potable use. Is it allowable to use process water on the cooling part of a water cooled condenser while the ice making part is potable water?

I just don't know.

It would seem that there could be no mixing of the two in the process.