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    Dumb question: How to size and install replacement compressor

    Yes- I am a ordinary plebian and do not have a ton of HVAC experience. So be easy on me. I usually work on small engines and cars. But anyway, I need to replace the ancient compressor in a 1940 era fridge because the starter coil is burned up in the original.

    The ratings on the original are as follows:
    1/8 hp
    150 low
    202 high
    1.75 lbs of refrigerant capacity

    So- dumb question: When I look for a replacement, what am I looking for? hp rating? So if for example I got a 1/8 hp compressor, would this work? What about capacity and BTUs? Not sure how to determine this as the fridge doesn't mention any of that.

    I'm going to have someone come and evac the system and do a flush before I do anything. But after that, assuming I find the right compressor, would the original cooling loop work in this situation? Anyway, I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row before I get started

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    Have the person doing the evac and so called flush do it all including getting you a compressor that will work . It does not sound like you have the background for what your attempting .

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    ah ha. Ok, well in that case I reckon I'll find another forum.
    Thanks anyway.

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