Hi, we have just purchased a new to me house in Hartford CT. The house is 5100 sf built in 1998, with a Weil-Mclain Ultra Gold oil fired boiler and 2 air conditioners. The system runs on glycol with a 75 gallon indirect hot water tank, there are two zones on the first floor, (front and back) and two zones upstairs. The main upstairs portion of the house is one zone with a 600 sf bonus room over the garage having its own zone. The system appears to be set all the time at 180F.
In a week in February with the heat set at 58F, we used 100 ga. of oil. Unfortunately there is no natural gas in the area.

We basically inherited this house and are really worried about the energy costs. We asked some contractors to come out and see what we could do to save energy. One of the contractors seemed to have some great ideas, when I received the proposal I was surprised at the cost with vague potential savings.

1. He said our biggest savings would be from a networked energy management system that would keep the zones from independently asking for heat. Some how all of the zones know what they are asking for and keep the system from short cycling. I think this needed 4 new Honeywell HD thermostats and some sort of Honeywell energy management system. The thermostats, 2 new zone controls, and the management system was $$k. I can't find any information on a system like this from honeywell and how much money I could save. He also mentioned outdoor reset with this.

2. Install new heat manager, Beckett maybe? Beckett claims 10-20% savings at a cost of $$$

3. Install new heat manager aquastat? $$$$ I am not sure what this actually does better than my current aquastat

I would love any guidance or information someone could provide. I was wondering even if I could get a brand new boiler that would save more money, or install a couple of propane fired instant hot water heaters instead of the gigantic tank and turn the boiler off during the summer.


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