I recently moved into a brand new apartment. Unfortunately, the thermostat is located directly behind my TV. I have a feeling that the small amount of heat the TV gives off is giving the thermostat a false temperature. After some research, I discovered that Totaline makes a remote indoor sensor for this model (P350-ISEN-R340). I have searched everywhere for this product and can only find documents describing it, but not anyone who will sell it to me. I assume that this product is only available through HVAC professionals. I have tried looking into other options such as third party remote sensors, but I have no idea if they will be compatible. I would rather not buy a new thermostat, I just need this one to get one temperature (not an averaged temp from multiple sensors) from a different wall.
The layout of the apartment prevents me from moving the TV, and I am not allowed to physically move the thermostat.

I can't help but wonder why the builders put the thermostat on the only wall for the TV.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.