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    need help with a icm325h head pressure control

    Found a icm 325h head pressure control energizing the reversing valve while in heat trying to change over to a/c while heat is runnng on a carrier gemini split system 7 1/2 ton heat pump. The icm control is set for n/c and 24 volt terminals are good. When I bring on the a/c- heat pump terminal on icm has 24 volts. When I bring on heat-no 24 volts at h/p terminal but 10 or so minutes in to the check I hear a click and the h/p terminals are energized while heat is running and I can see the pressure's trying to reverse. This unit has other problems with the reversing valve but that's another issue.

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    i wanna help, but i dont' even know what you are talking about.. are you a AC tech? or you just messing around and try to keep your job?

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    That control doesnt energize the RV, its wired parallel to the RV, those terminals are so that the controller knows to run the fan at full when its in heat mode.

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