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    Good morning.
    My name is Marshall Henderson. I own and operate a one man shop that specializes in older equipment and controls. I like the challenge that comes with dealing in older technologies that most people consider obsolete, yet still makes money for my customers. Their motto is if it still works why upset the apple cart with new controls, processes, equipment, etc. There are times when it does make sense economically to upgrade, I don't have a problem doing that either.

    Been in this business in one form or another for 35 plus years, still learning every day. This site is a great resource to learn from!

    Hopefully I can add to the knowledge here at some point in time.

    I collect old construction equipment for a hobby, hence the username "Euclidffd". Euclid built a dump truck that had 2 engines and transmissions side by side for several years, a cool truck that I always have been impressed with, and would love to own. The FFD model is the smaller of the 2 models, only rated at 34 tons capacity.

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    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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