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    Supermarket refrigeration NEW ENGLAND

    Im a tech here in CA. supermarket refrigeration and HVAC. Service Safeway, Kroger, Target and Walmart. Anybody from back east know who the big supermarket refrigeration contractors are??? Need to get the heck out of CA looking to move back with family to New England either Mass Or NH but dont know anyone in the supermarket field there. Please let me know what companies are out there. I now Hussman has branches in NH but don't know how busy they are, also don't know if they are union or not. Thanks Fellas!

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    I believe both "branches" are the same one. I think one of them is a satellite operation. I was told by their office that they're non-Union. Are you with HS or the company headquartered in Anaheim?

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    i know of a company named ALLIED REFRIGERATION they only do commercial refrigeration.they are a tri state company doin work in mass,conn,rhode island great pay and benefits i think they are out of south eastern mass maybe springfield? good luck

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    I think Purity Supreme hires their own techs. I could be wrong, but, I think they do all their work, in house. It's been years, and my spelling is wrong, but Demolaus/Market Basket is a big chain up there, or it was when I was growing up. You might want to see who does Cumberlandfarms convience stores.

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    Bay State Cooling in Bridgewater, MA is looking for a supermarket tech right now. They do BJs Wholesales around the area. REECO in Woburn, MA does commercial & industrial refrigeration and I believe is union.

    Shaws supermarket hires their own techs and that would be union.

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    If your looking to move to Pennsylvania/New Jerseyor Maryland area Remco Inc is the largest Supermarket contractor in the area they have 4 offices. They are an Employee owned company which means every employee gets stock based on their yearly salary. They also have a real good benifit plan and over great pay and other perks.

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