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Thread: Natures cooling

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    Natures cooling

    Tyler came up with this name for marketing. And so this is why I call it that. But you see this done now a days and they call it all kinds of stuff.

    take drop leg temp value and if it falls below a certain point, we open an LLSV to the liquid manifold, essentially putting the receiver into a surge configuration.

    The question is, based on all the low ambient strategies were talking about. When could this be put on a rack and deployed?

    If you put it on the rack, and it has this other stuff for low ambient. You see specs say set it at 65, or somewhere in that area.

    My number one piece of info I need is. What TXV's do I have. How low a liquid temp/pressure can I go and sufficiently feed all my loads with correct liquid condition.

    And then I just kinda go backwards. Okay so this is my basement. Not beyond this low. Okay. What toys do I got on my system and how do I put them in order to DEFEND against dropping. I look at it as a battle with Ambient. In what sequential order do I use my equipment to stage this battle with ambient.

    And the mistake I made for a number of my early years is that often 1 or more strategies are working together. not in step sequentially necessarily all the time. A perfect example would be, if your stacking, your likely raising SCT of the liquid in the receiver because your using high temp super heated vapor to keep the pressure up when the ORD is actuating. It's doing that because were stacking liquid in the condenser with hold back. But that liquid now is gonna get nice and subcooled. Nice and cold. So why send that nice cold sub cooled liquid to the receiver and change it's condition, why not bypass that receiver and send it out the valves.

    I was trying to make an example out of, if seeing all this stuff on racks, instead of thinking they are always sequential steps, some components are sort of parallel duty if you will. And when I finally made this connection in my brain, it helped me to understand more clearly.

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    Why the interest in what type of TXV, Shane? A valve is a valve is a valve - and all it needs is a solid column of liquid....right?
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    I have a couple of tyler NC-2 racks and they are almost a critical charge system. Do we even need the receiver tank? I suppose in high ambient season we would be raising head unnecessarily. lowering the efficiency.
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    That is a really cool story Shane, thanks for sharing it.

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    i could barely read it never mind understand
    it was working.... played with it.... now its broke.... whats the going hourly rate for HVAC repair

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    Quote Originally Posted by carmon View Post
    i could barely read it never mind understand

    That's strange... I understand exactly what he is talking about

    I can't fix it if it won't stay broke..

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