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    Smile Updated History of Carrier Greenspeed

    My 25VNA036 Heat Pump and FE4ANF0005 was installed in October 2011...I posted here after the first three months of usage, but then it got cold after December 2011....but here are the facts.....2010 electrical usage was 44,034 KWH.....2011 electrical usage was 35,183 KWH....2012 electrical usage was 37,700 KWH.....January 2012...4,531 KWH...January 2013....3,549 KWH...........February 2012...5,304 KWH...February 2013...4,083 KWH. Heat pump is the only NEW appliance...I still have two electric water heaters, two refrigerators and one freezer. Heat pump IS saving electric usage, but KWH costs are goinf higher, but for now\, we are "comfortable". If the E.P.A. would "lighten up" on coal fired power plants, electric costs would likely be cheaper, but I really doubt that they care about the cost of electricity.

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    your right about the epa Obama and his cronies do not like coal .
    Go Trump

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