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Thread: Curved Linears

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    Curved Linears

    Anybody do any curved linears?

    Looking to do some ceiling curved and wall con-caved/con-vexed linears.What brand do you suggest?
    The Shoemaker cores look like they would be a sweet custom finish.
    The Krueger 1500's look good too but have the flanges, guess I could do hidden flanges on them too.
    Should I just shoot myself now or later?
    This should be lots of fun........................pun intended.
    Any tips on figuring exact radius's? I have an .xls for this but math is perfect and carpenters aren't.
    Any tips on custom boot designs and fabricating...............

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACFIXR View Post
    Anybody do any curved linears?
    It's usually enough of a headache figuring out straight ones, and what options to get on them.
    Just the through of curvy ones will probably make my head hurt for a few hours!

    Be sure to post pictures when it is all done.

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