Recently we had a duct cleaning service stop by to give us an estimate for when we have are hardwood floors refinished. During the tour of the house he mentioned that he specializes in "indoor air quality" and asked if we had allergies. I mentioned that yes the kids do, but that we had electronic air cleaners on both furnaces. He asked how often we clean the cells and pre-filters and I said about once every 2-3 months. He stated that a better option now is to use disposable filters in the EAC housing (remove the cells and prefilters, turn off unit). And he stated you can buy them cheaply at Lowes/Home Depot.

I have 2 furnaces, one on top/bedroom level and second in basement, servicing basement and first floor of house. Both units are Carrier EACAAXCC0014 models. While at Lowes today I saw Filtrete™ Air Products 1" Air Filters and purchased 2 filters to try in my furnaces. My plan was to remove the cells and pre-filter screens and put the 1" pleated filters in place of the pre-filter screens. Is this the right thing to do? Or are the 4" box filters a better solution? Or is the EAC a better overall solution and I need to clean the cells and pre-filter screens more often?