Hey all. Some background first. Back in 04 I installed a GUIC140A50. This unit went through three RF000146 ignitors in two years. There was no environmental type issues in the home to cause this. I could never find a reason for it and even began to think the board may have been sticking and sending power to the ignitor after ignition.
The husband passed on recently and today I was there to go over the system with the wife. At some point since my last visit in 05 someone was out there and replaced the factory installed ignitor with that Amana mini ignitor. I do not have the part number of the one they installed but it's that very fragile one that looks like a bobbie pin. All I can guess is he must have got fed up and called Amana and they sent someone out to switch to this style ignitor and perhaps a different board as well.

While I am glad to have the client back that I thought I lost, the original problem and the resolution is still a mystery to me. If he was alive he could have filled me in on what took place after I was last there in 2005.

I have a load of units out there that have had no issues with the ignitor that originally shipped with these units. Today I was beginning to think that the original ignitor I was matching up was the wrong style installed at the factory. Nope, I verified the model and P number and the ignitor they call for was not that bobbie pin unit they have in now. I'm not gonna fight success but, any ideas?