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    Confused larkin cpe 72 with cop fjaf 0106 cav 020

    hello and thanks in advance
    im a residential service tech not too good with coolers but i got roped into helping freinds with a walk in cooler 10x10x8h it came with a larkin evap md# cpe 72 i ordered what should be a matching condenser copeland fjaf-0106-cav-020 i looked all over for manuals on the larkin to find out wiring and sequence of operation or something to tell me how it works so please explain as if im a dumbass because i have never installed any cooler equipment also plan on switching to 404a do i need to flush system from 502

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    Should be a wiring diagram on the inside of one of the evap panel covers, and I would think the new condensing unit should come with a generic system wiring diagram.

    If you don't know the sequence of operation, it would be very difficult to properly instruct you on detailed wiring concerns (not that we could in this forum anyway).

    And as far as sequence of operation, there are entire books written on refrigeration theory and system sequence of would be next to impossible to explain it in a few sentences/paragraphs to someone who is not already familiar with the trade.
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