Hi All,

I have an 2 year old log home located in western Pennsylvania. The house is very air tight, having a paneled roof system and log walls. During the winter months (temps below 40 degrees F) condensation starts to form on the bottom of the windows throughout the home. This has been an issue since we've moved into the home and we are concerned not only for the mold forming on the windows because of the moisture but also if there is moisture throughout the home that we aren't noticing that could cause future mold issues and unhealthy air quality. I have researched several options including Whole House Air Exchangers (w/ ERV's) and Whole House Dehumidifiers. I am looking for advice from anyone who has experiences like this, what they did, how it helped, and also advice from other HVAC professions who have experiences with these problems and fixes for it.

Here is some other useful information about the house:
-We utilize radiant heat during the winter months underneath the flooring in the basement and main floor (no heat pump or other heaters)
-We have an A/C unit that we use during the summer months (May-September) with duct-work through out the house
-Ceiling fans in most rooms running at all times
-Little to no fresh air entering the house during the winter except when we open doors to enter/exit the hous
-The only time the house gets a lot of fresh air is during the spring when windows are open and cool summer days/nights

Thank you for all your help and advice!