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    I have been CCW for about 6 years or so now and never thought to carry to work since i was in the feild. The second job my boss could care less if we carried but never wanted us to in certain areas such as the schools and the police station ect ect so it was hard to plan when a good day to carry was so I just never did. Ive been working at this new job for a few months know and to be honest I have carried a few times but at the same time I live where the newtown shootings occured and the weeks after alot of nut jobs seem to have come out and the thought of being on a jobsite unarmed just didnt make any sense when you hear about a guy running around with a rifle or gun down the street or something.

    I recently picked up a Taurus tcp i have a pocket holster for it and is a nice carry gun. I also orders an inside the waste band custom holster that i might carry to work depending how it feels on me and how comfortable it is to work with

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    Quote Originally Posted by McLean Air View Post
    Don't rub it in. Actually, aren't you able to do open carry legally in AZ too?
    Here in NW FL, most people do carry and it's not too hard to get your permit. Just takes some time. I would hope that anyone who has the ability to carry, does so. Most of us are walking into strangers house or working behind buildings where we could face an attacker of some sort. Don't get me wrong, being a big, mean, ugly, MF does help some of us but it's nice to know it's there. And to answer the original question, Glock 19.
    Yes, we can open carry. I don't think open carry has ever been restricted here. Concealed carry just makes more sense though. You can still get a concealed carry permit and it allows you to buy firearms without a background check and it is valid in some other states because of agreements between us. No permit needed in state though. Also, it keeps a cop from screwing someone over because their shirt fell over their firearm or if they are sitting in a car and it gets covered somehow. If you aren't committing a crime with it, who cares where it is (F***ing Liberals).

    And back to the question: yes, I carry. Usually a .38special S&W snub. I am young but old school and love my wheel guns. When I am out in the woods or desert, I usually carry a single action 45LC or 357. And yes, I can shoot an accurate shot as fast as anything else with them. And it only takes one of those puppies for anything up to and including bears to make them re-assess their situation.

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    Smith & Wesson .380 Body Guard. The laser sight alone would make them turn & run. I'd rather have a gun & not need it, than to not have a gun & need it.

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    I used to carry one of three different ones, now no fire arms are allowed in the place I work so it has to stay in the truck. I was more inclined to have it on my for some of these sick dogs people have that will attack in a second right after the owner tells you that "fluffy" would never bite anyone!

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    44 SPC Charter Bull-Dog Pug 2" barrel in my tool bag. Felt like I needed to carry it in my hand on occasion. Thank you very muchy
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