I have been CCW for about 6 years or so now and never thought to carry to work since i was in the feild. The second job my boss could care less if we carried but never wanted us to in certain areas such as the schools and the police station ect ect so it was hard to plan when a good day to carry was so I just never did. Ive been working at this new job for a few months know and to be honest I have carried a few times but at the same time I live where the newtown shootings occured and the weeks after alot of nut jobs seem to have come out and the thought of being on a jobsite unarmed just didnt make any sense when you hear about a guy running around with a rifle or gun down the street or something.

I recently picked up a Taurus tcp i have a pocket holster for it and is a nice carry gun. I also orders an inside the waste band custom holster that i might carry to work depending how it feels on me and how comfortable it is to work with