I have an i-vu ccn standard and XA30 chiller. I want to monitor the energy use in KW. can anyone help me?
Also I opened application builder and did chose one application "Electric meter". I opened the generated program in eikon logic builder. It said there're errors with not supported microblock.
- Carrier Analog input is not a supported microblock.
- CCN Controller is not a supported microblock.
- BACnet CCN Alarm is not a supported microblock.

Of course the above microblocks are not included in Eikon logic builder. I saw that there's a program called "SNAP" which is used for i-vu open and in this program there's a special bundle for Carrier microblocks. in which the above microblocks are included.
I don't think these microblocks are included in my version i-vu standard? isn't it? then why my i-vu standard application builder has generated them.

awaiting your help