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    ClimateMaster Vertical Stack HP nightmare!

    This is my first post, any help is greatly appreciated.

    The company I work for installed 60 TRM09 vertical stack ClimateMaster heat pumps in a four story bldg. Start-up was September of '12. These units are on a closed loop system. Since start-up we had bearings on 32 blower motors lock up and with this high percentage of failures the factory finally sent us enough motors to change out all 60... We've also had 2 of the replacement motors fail since December. I've changed 5 TXVs and several MPC control boards.

    There are also 4 TRM12 on the same job with 1 blower motor failure so far. I've also just changed a txv on a horizontal unit.

    Has anyone else had these issues with Cimate Master?

    Thank you

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    If (In dunno) If the blowers are ECM and either by too much load or as they really can stall under-loaded (fools techs regularly) GE noted bearing failures.

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    Wow, those are like the failure rates we've seen with our Florida Heat Pump brand. I work at the local hospital, and we have over 200 geothermal heat pumps throughout our campus. I haven't seen that kind of failure rate with our climatemasters (knock on wood). We have changed brands from FHP to climatemaster. 99% of ours are horizontal units. Startup on the earliest climatemasters here was late 2011. We've not had any component on them go bad. Granted, though, we have only been putting them in our remodels as we update and remodel our old hospital... So we have 12 of them up and running, and 7 more that we're just about to start up.

    What model do you have? Is it the builder's model? Even if it is, it's no excuse for that kind of failure rate.

    What does climatemaster say about all those failures? Have they sent a factory rep to check it out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClarkBP View Post
    Wow, ...

    What model do you have?
    i understand yo other guy; but you will find the institutions that first save the most and have excellent support and delivery times:

    ask for the design team

    tell'em a T nut sent you

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    certain custom consructions runs better than a Desert Aire or Dektrons with certain pool apps...
    Not to mention: patented HW Priority On-Demand since 1981 that others had to wait to dup as is now happening.

    see links for EER's but low speed and med EER's WF=41+ H-T= 42+ and CM 40+
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    ... however, much still needs to be hybridized energy transfer.

    CLOSED LOOP 2015 listed EER's
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    Perhaps you need a 32F Chiller/HW-Heat: buy a GEO-T Heat Pump (GHP with Heat-Recovery) and Bosch/Carrier and

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