I just got a SLP98UHV installed with the IComfort. I had two questions for you guys.

1) I am having a lot of wifi connectivity issues, it keeps going in and out. I called tech support and they told me that I am to far from the router. The router is directly above the thermostat and I have no wifi issues on any other device or a previous wifi thermostat. Did I get a bad unit or is the icomfort wifi antennta complete garbage?

2) I saw that there is an option for precision dew point control. When I tried to select it it would defaul back to basis so I decided to hook up my old aprilaire outdoor sensor to the furnace. That seemded to allow me to select the dew point option. Is that correct that even though the "fancy" icomfort can tell me the weather for 5 days (when connected) it can't figure out the outdoor temperature without a sensor?

Also is there some kind of chart that shows you what the humidificaiton level will be at different temperatures. I know when I had the aprilair automatic humidistat setup it had one.

Thanks and sorry for the long post.