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Thread: Proper cfm

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    Quote Originally Posted by chill67 View Post
    Same fan speed and entire system is only a year old, no lint blanket on coil. I was shocked as to my findings as well. Wonder why there are no numbers calculated for air flow with wet coil??????
    Define when the coil would be considered wet enough to test...

    Dry is dry. Wetness can vary. That's why York doesn't publish wet coil airflow data.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mason View Post
    Switch it over to heat and use

    Btuh/ delta t x 1.08

    If you know what kind of motor the unit is using then you can confirm if it's within "range" by using the static pressure. Residential psc motors max out at .5"w.c. and most ECM motors go up to .8"w.c.
    when does detaT calculate in initial starting or after stabilizing?can use this formula in 3phase and single phase fan?


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