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The fact that your falling to 0% during HR, also tells me the Heat Reclaim is condensing liquid all by itself, as Mathew is saying.

What Matt (phaseloss) is saying is, a Series Heat Reclaim would only be big enough to desuperheat. And you may have proven this this. You forced reclaim, with Blower off. It did not condense. You did not swallow up all of your liquid in the receiver. You turn the blower on, and whammo, she drops.

When the blower is on and the fact it is condensing, Matt, and I agree, were speculating the Heat Reclaim was intentionally designed to be a parallel design, which is not all that uncommon but misunderstood. In a parallel design, you do not divert to air cooled condenser while in Heat Reclaim, but use HR as the condenser. It's sized to do all the work by itself.
If the HR coil is being used as the condenser (parallel), and is sized to take on the rack load in the same manner as the roof condenser is sized to reject the heat....why 0% receiver in HR and 40% w/no HR?

With all things being equal, and the refrigerant not caring through which condenser coil it changes from a superheated vapor to a subcooled liquid, wouldn't one expect a minimal effect on receiver level regardless of whether HR is active or not?