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    Quote Originally Posted by craig1 View Post
    I changed out a goodman heat exchanger a couple weeks ago. Picked it up from the Goodman factory store here. They charged me $50 shipping to transfer it from a different store 20 miles away.

    on top of that, they sell lots of supplies and accessories there, but don't have filters. Thats right, they DO NOT SELL FILTERS. How can an HVAC supplier be that stupid. They actually do sell filters but only the washable ones that guarantee you'll be back for another heat exchanger next year
    Looks to me like the whoever is suppling the washable filters paid off the supply house to discontinue the standard filters...

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    It is pretty simple. If the part is in stock you shouldn't pay. If the part isn't in stock and you are willing to wait until the next order comes in, then you shouldn't be having to pay. If you are demanding that it be available to you as soon as possible, they will UPS it and you will pay for that.

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