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    people like those scare me

    Found this on CL earlier and just had to post.. Its good the fella wants the best in life but 2.5 years is just not enough experience in my opinion. But please read on and enjoy and share your thoughts

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    CL > houston > all gigs > labor gigs

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    LICENSED A/C Contractor (Houston)

    I am looking to go into the residential A/C service on my own and am looking for an individual with a Texas 'A' or 'B' environmental endorsed A/C License. After 2.5 years of doing residential service, Im no longer interesed in working for a large company. I was ready to test for my own license before it became a 4 year requirement, now I would just like to work for myself under my own company. Individual I am looking for would need to be willing to assign their license to my company, and act as a consultant; simply yeilding technical advice in the event that I need it. This would be your job title and only responsiblity, and a handsome percentage of the profits earned would be your compensation. The percentage is negotiable and will be determined during interview. Would also be willing to work under SMALL/ INDEPENDENT contractors' company if able to negotiate a fair piece pay and participate in advertising and marketing. I am both registered and EPA Certified. Please email if interested.

    I am not interested in doing anything that is illegal (outside the provisions of TDLR or any other authoritative organizations).

    Location: Houston it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests Compensation: Percentage of company profits. Percentage negotiable

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    Scary, i see these all the time in norcal. We have quite a few so called licensed contractors advertising service on CL but if you check their number its usually expired or just a local business license. Somehow they keep getting business and i keep having to fix their installs after they're done.

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    He could go apply at a small shop, would be easier. Some of the large shops are just "sales teams" with salesmen disguised as technicians.

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