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Thread: Heat Pump Leak

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    Heat Pump Leak

    Today I found a small leak in the evap coil of a heat pump with my leak detector. I told the customer that he had to replace the coil, but this wasn't something he wanted to do at the moment. I gave him another option, which was A/C Leak Freeze and he agreed to this option. Now, I really don't like putting anything into a sealed system except what is supposed to be in it. I guess my question to you guys is, how many of you have had a chance to use this product and what were the end results?

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    I used it in 5 systems last spring to kind of test the waters. All 5 were maintenance program customers that had older systems with known 1-3# a year leaks, and were fully informed that it may not actually work.
    I'll get to see if it is working in a couple of months. We have a good history on all 5 systems, and all have been pretty consistent in how much refrigerant they need added every spring.
    Obviously some refrigerant, and a little oil, has to leak out for the stuff to work, so I expect them to be a little low, but hopefully they will need significantly less refrigerant added this year than in previous years.

    I've never used a leak stop additive, or advocated the use of them, but AC Leak Freeze seems to me to be the first one that the worst case is it doing nothing. It doesn't react directly with moisture, so shouldn't cause any of the issues with reacting to moisture in the system that people have reported with other products.

    I don't know that we will ever start using it regularly, but I was curious, so had to test it.

    Some of the contractors in my area, that do work for home warranty companies, were buying it by the case last summer. I'll have to check with a couple of guys I know that work for those outfits how it has worked out for them.
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    we didn't have any problems with it last year. but we only put it in a couple systems. one had a fairly good sized leak (it was about 4lbs low) and when we went back in a month to check on it was holding.

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    Thanks Very Helpful.

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