Hi, I've got a ClimateMaster Tranquility 30 Model TEV038AGD02CLTS. It's connected to a ClimateMaster branded thermostat (ATC32U01) that's set up to run in two stages: stage two when we're 2 degrees (or more, I'm not sure) from our desired temp and then stage one when we're within 1 degree (again, I'm not 100% sure about the offsets here). My house is losing a lot of heat through the attic and original 1930s windows which we plan on getting fixed in the next few months but the problem is that right now, the system is running constantly. It'll bump up to stage two and then when it gets close to our desired temp, it will ramp down to stage one and then bump back up to stage two when it gets far enough away again. The problem seems to be that we're losing so much heat while stage one is running that it can't keep up and has to eventually switch back to stage two. I am wondering what the best course of action would be to make sure the unit isn't running all of the time and my assumption would be to turn off stage one all together. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do here (at least until our new windows and insulation are installed)?

I'm happy to record and paste all of the settings if someone could post how to get to them.