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    Should union members stop their unions

    Should union membership either restrict or stop all togather political affiliation? I have been a union worker for more the 15 years and have grown tired of being told I should support people I do not agree with on most issues. I have pulled out of PAC but I still pay dues and in effect, at least financially, still support them. We are told that one party is the friend of labor and the other is the devil. I disagree with this completely for a laundry list of reasons but that's a whole mother thread. I know most of the guys I work with feel pretty much the same way, at least that's what they say. So should we, as members start pushing our leadership to back down or stop all togather the political marriage to either party?

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    Yes. They should stop.

    There's a law being debated up here that forces the unions to open their books so atleast members can SEE what left-wing nonsense is being supported. I believe you Americans already have such a law, thanks to jimmy Hoffa's shenanigans.

    Personally, I don't think unions should be allowed to comment/fund on political matters at all and political donations should be strictly limited to personal donations.

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