We are currently commissioning a job that has 16 VAV's with reheat using the FX-PCV controllers. We also have an FX16 controller running the AHU. We are supposed to be using a Warmup-Cooldown mode upon initial startup of the system. The FX16 is setup properly to do this, but we are having issues getting the VAV boxes to open wide up when the FX16 calls for either mode. I can see that the FX-PCV has Warmup-Cooldown settings, but we cannot seem to link this to the FX16 command. Is there a point that we are missing in the FX-PCV that I can link to my FX16 Warmup-Cooldown that will tell the boxes to go wide open. I do not want to override the dampers open. I would rather do it the "right" way. We are not too experienced with the PCV and I cannot find any technical literature on this particular feature. Any insight? Thanks.