my gibson 4ton 13seer heat pump outdoor unit label said total current 23.3A, RLA 21.76A, outdoor fan 1.4A, indoor blower 8A, the installer clamped a device on the black #10 wire and told me outdoor unit draws about 16 to 17amp when running.

in last week or two, outside temperature at night min 18 to 20F, daytime max 32 to 35F here in chester county PA
i've been recording the electricity meter, actual and average rolling about 50 to 60 k watt per day, with other home electronic, and electric cloth dryer (2 or 3 load per week).
my homedepot 3m50 thermostat registered about 10 to 12 hours of heat pump runtime per day, keeping indoor 70F
i can see heat pump runs 15 minutes, then idle another 20 minutes, except when defrost at below 25F at night time, compressor ran longest for 50 minutes with defrost.

my electric rate is 16 cent per k watt.
60k watt X 16 cent/k watt = $9.60 per day for below freezing outdoor temperature heating and other electricity consumptions.

by the way, my last propane refill was $255 for 105 gallons at $2.449/gallon, maybe 2 to 3 weeks of propane furnace usage.
i disabled the heat pump and switched to propane furnace when in around week of Jan 22nd 2013, the outdoor temperature were in low as single and teen F.

if i were to keep running the heat pump below theory balance point, and the compressor were to run 24 hours non stop with defrost.
is it true that heat pump will cost me about 64 cent per hour? or $15.36 max per day, if it can keep up the warmth? and still cheaper than to run propane 80k btu 92% furnace?