Sorry no pics on this one... This is just a good true story. In 1999 I went on a noise call to this old womans home. It was a old cinderblock house about 1000 square feet in the older part of our town. She was at least in her early-mid 90s at the time. I look at the gas pak and it sounds like the blower is off balance, so I open it up. I put my hand in and think im pulling out old dust covered paper. After I rubbed off a piece of it I saw it was a 20.00, then I pulled out another and several 5s. I looked up the return line and saw several more laying in the duct! So I go to the floor return (It used to have a floor oil furn, they took it out years before and turned it into a return), and look down and see a few more. Im a little flustered because I cant figure this out, Then I look to my right and see where they panned up under the floor were stacks of cash in older rubber bands. I stop right there and call the womans daughter (who called me out to look at the system, The old woman was 90% blind and deft) to come to the house. She shows up and then I tell her what I found and then start pulling it out, She starts crying and calls her brother and husband. Turns out her father told them that he had money stached away, but did not tell anyone where it was at. He died in his sleep in 1991. They checked all the local banks and found nothing. I think he just kept putting cash away because all the stacks had $1,$5,$10s,20s,100s, Oldest money I saw was late 50s. Rubber bands were shot and breaking apart. I did not stay to count it, but I figure it was at least 12-20K. And I can honestly say I did not take one dime of it. Thats my wall of pride.