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    Yup, very well said, if you want a registered professional engineer who is licensed, bonded and has worked on everything from window units to 1000+ ton chillers then you can call me. If not then don't bother me
    The picture in my avatar is of the Houston Ship Channel and was taken from my backyard. I like to sit outside and slap mosquitos while watching countless supertankers, barges and cargo ships of every shape and size carry all sorts of deadly toxins to and fro. It's really beautiful at times.....just don't eat the three eyed fish....

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    From what I gather in Virginia, you need to be a licensed tradesman if you intend to work on electrical, plumbing, or hvac systems. If you are a licensed tradesman, you still need a contractors business license to bid any jobs over $1,000. So the way I read this, if the poster had the tradesman license (lets say for hvac), he could repair and work on hvac for up to $1,000.

    For simple "handyman" stuff, like painting, building a deck, drywall work, etc you wouldn't need a contractors license unless you accepted jobs over $1,000.

    However the municipality may still require you to obtain a local business license.

    This is how I started out, however I found out that the supply houses only sell to those who are licensed with the state contractor board. So I got my contractors license.

    I have discovered that it pays to go legit anyway, the license in combination with the state sales and use certificate makes it easy for me to obtain wholesale prices on parts and supplies. Some may be able to work "off the books", but they will mostly likely be shunned by local supply houses. Making your only recourse to ebay everything, and I'm sure that can be a pain.

    I still advertise on CL, but in case I get a friendly visit from the authorities, I have my licenses and insurance information available.

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