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    I need to replace my misplaced provision boroscope, so I thought I would get some sage advice from H Talkers!

    I know there are a whole range of Inspection cameras/ boroscopes out there but I'm not in the high end of the market right now, so no blue Inspector $3500 infrared for me (at least right now) So after tossing out the high end of the market (let's say that's above $1000) what would your picks be in the middle (300-1000) and the low end (below $300)?

    I was looking online at the milwaukee 2312-21, but I really have no clue what works well and what doesn't with the modern tech we have now....

    What advice is out there?

    I'm trying to balance image quality, multiple use functions (HX inspections and surveying ducts) along with price.

    Thanks everybody!
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    I haven't had good luck with the under $500 inspection cameras a lot of people use.
    For day to day, almost every service call kind of use, I keep a fiber optic scope in my tool bag. I find that I can see better with it than the cheap cameras, and it is FAR more durable.
    I've been using a VO Scope fiber optic scope.

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    I have used the Ridgid one and it worked well for me. I would look for the best resolution you can afford. Let us know which one you buy.

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