I'm going to have to get up there and see what all I have. It turns out both evaporators are hard wired 208. Best I can remember, when I installed A419's in them, one had to be wired for 208 but the other was just 120 (to the LL solenoid).

I know I could do a lot of things, like involving the time clock and removing the X terminal so the fans don't start once it warms up. However I'm not crazy about that. Plus one freezer has the time clock and contactor back at the mechanical room and one has it on the outside door of the freezer.

Whatever I do needs to be fairly quick as I doubt I can get them to shut down and empty the box. It is looking like anything I do needs to be waterproof. For safety reasons I'm leaning more and more to a stainless NEMA 3R/4X safety switch and killing ALL power. Gonna suck if I have one 208 circuit for the fans, another for the defrost heaters, and another 120 circuit for the LL solenoid. Mostly piped in ridgid and aluminum bell boxes from the 70's and the stuff doesn't come apart easy! At that point changing the breakers to shunt trips and hoping I can pull a pair of wires in the existing conduits is probably easier.

Does seems a little strange that the fire department is requesting it. This is someone who comes by once a year and typically makes sure fire doors are positive latching and such. Must be some new OSHA requirement or something. I know a boiler inspector recently made me install such a switch outside the boiler room door. Like this stuff is really going to help if you are locked in a freezer overnight or the boiler blows up

Anyhow, just thought maybe some of you guys had dealt with this already and knew a nice quick, cheap, and easy way to do it.