If you want to know why Agenda 21 poses such a threat to our way of life in America, and who is behind it, below are quotes from three of the founders and original planners of Agenda 21:

1. “Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective.” – said Harvey Ruvin, Vice Chairman, ICLEI. The Wildlands Project. (You can’t get more socialist than using the word ‘collective’ in a sentence).

2. “We must make this place (the earth) an insecure and inhospitable place for Capitalists and their projects – we must reclaim the roads and plowed lands, halt dam construction, tear down existing dams, free shackled rivers and return to wilderness tens of millions of acres or presently settled land.” - Dave Foreman, Earth First. (He’s talking about humans who work for a living and build things - that’s you and I)

3. ‘It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.” – Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the UN’s Earth Summit, 1992.
It's our future, it's our lives and our freedom these people wish to take away. And it is happening