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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Ridley View Post
    Someone could have replaced the reversing valve and put it in backwards! Haha.

    Saw that one a few years back on a HP split system at a church.
    The first Rheem/ruuds I ran into that reversed to cool. Were at a church. 2-10 tonners, and 1-5 tonner. At first I thought someone put an RV in wrong. Until I saw the wiring diagram.

    But I installed 1 or 2 RVs backwards already. They have relays in the control panel now to make the system work right.
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    The only Carrier heat pumps I remember that energize the reversing valve in the heating mode OLD units, and had no O terminal. The RV was energized by W1, were run by relay logic(lots of relays, both 24 and 240v), and had electromechanical defrost controls.

    Quote Originally Posted by beenthere View Post
    Except their commercial 3 phase units(older ones that had the fans with the cables). Threw me for a loop some years ago.
    That one has bit me too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thermodynamics View Post
    If I can correctly recall, they use blue as the reversing valve and brown as common also. Crazy ruud/rheems!
    Rheem/rudd. Common=x. C/O heat=B

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    Yea, I just installed new low voltage wiring from the unit to the thermostat on a 2 year old package heat pump rheem.

    It was burning up a contactor in 4 days due to chattering.

    The unit energized the RV in the heat mode. Kind of confused me for a minute because X (brown) was common and Blue (which is labeled D on the board) is the RV turn on.

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