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    any one going to buy these? they look nice

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    I checked them out at the AHR Expo.
    They seem like a solid instrument, they just need to drop the stupid servo motor driven gauges.

    Also, in the spirit of the Fieldpiece SMAN gauges looking like Sponge Bob, this is what the Hilmor gauges remind me of:
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    Why does everybody accuse the SMAN of looking like a child cartoon character?

    I personally don't see the resemblance.

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    It actually looks like the off spring of an analog JB and a Diggi-Cool. Jibbby-Cool?

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    because they are bright yellow and square.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrispinHvac View Post
    any one going to buy these? they look nice
    Not me. Overpriced. You can get a set of Testo 550's for about a hundred less. The Hilmor gauges look large and bulky. Apparently the dials are driven by stepper motors (?) - lots of room for error there. The pipe thermocouples look like cheap plastic that will break after a few uses.

    The actual manifold is the only part that looks decent.

    Maybe Mark can answer this question, is the gauge housing made of plastic? It looks like plastic.

    These are just my first impressions. I still would like to get my hands on a set and test them out.

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    Are you seeing them anywhere not listed at MSRP? The SMAN was high too but not where they ended up selling at. Being a Rubbermaid company they probably know a thing or two about plastic
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    I like their 2in 1 nut driver. Looks Pretty nice.

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    Those look expensive,whats the retail?

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