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    Question about the Bacharach Insight

    Well first off I don't have it in hand yet. Just won it on an ebay auction. This isn't the newer "Plus" model. It's supposed to be NIB, but it's probably at least a year old already (I assume) and may need a new O2 sensor when or not long after I get it. I did a lot of research before bidding on this kit and read in several places that this analyzer doesn't have to be sent in for calibration. That's one of the reasons that I decided to go with it. After going through the manual I'm not so sure that information was correct.. The B-Smart CO sensor is pre-calibrated, but it doesn't really say anything about the O2 sensor calibration in the manual, just lists the part number. Can anyone who owns one of these analyzers enlighten me on the O2 sensor? Just plug it in and you're done or what?

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    The B-Smart program is just for the CO sensors.
    I don't participate in the B-Smart program because I can typically get free, or very low cost, calibrations every year.

    The O2 sensor is easy to field calibrate.
    If you need a new O2 sensor, get the long life one.

    I've got the Insight Plus, basically the same instrument you are getting, but with a fancy display.
    The only thing I don't like about it is that there are more button presses needed to zero the pressure sensor than with my Fyrite Pro, and it stops the pump.

    The vast majority of my customers have 80% furnaces, so I can take my draft readings at the same time I'm doing the combustion testing.
    It seems like the current crop of Bacharach and Testo CAs are not ideally suited to concurrent combustion and draft testing like their older CAs were.
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    Thanks Mark. Looks like a good instrument, just didn't want any surprises.

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