I just replaced an RTU Open control board in a Bryant Humidimizer unit. It has an accessory Lon board ribboned to it to communicate on our Lon network. I confirmed that the Lon board was good by swapping it to another unit and verifying its function. Here is my problem: after replacing the RTU Open board, some of the nvi's are now read only. 3 of the 4 occ/unocc ht/cl setpoints went from being numeric writable to just numeric. We are running the network through a Webs 403 JACE. When I go to the nv mgr screen, the 3 problem points are categorized as outputs even though they're nvi's. Since I didn't replace the Lon board, I didn't think I would have to rediscover the device and the points, but I ended up trying that with no success. Anybody have any ideas on this? All of my read only points (sensors, etc) are displaying accurately, but the nvi's are another story. Thanks --- gman