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    Special Thermostat Guards

    Hi there,

    Please see the attached file.

    We just finished a job site where tons of locations are installed as shown.

    We need to find a guard that can pop over both of them and would allow us to notch the guard where the pipe on the top is shown.

    Does anyone know of a guard that can acheive this?

    Dimensions are roughly 9" wide and 5" tall.


    Jordan N C.E.T.
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    Had a job that required something very simular. Took a polaroid pic. to Tap Plastics in the city and they built me 12 of em out of clear Lexan. They weren't inexpensive, but they were well built and looked very professional. You probably have a plastic fabricator in Winnepeg, that could make them for you. Maybe even a sign shop that specialises in plastics.
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    How about using a universal guard that just fits over stat? Install base between junction box and stat.

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