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Thread: Trane BCU

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    Trane BCU

    Existing Tracer front end going to a Trane BCU BMTW via IP. Building was vacated and network was ripped out. They need to connect back up to the BCU. Don't know the IP or subnet of the BCU. I have now a Cat5 running from the front end to the BCU.

    The last IP in the sytem was, which is no good. I couldn't find anything else in Tracer. I could have moved the front end into room with the BCU and used IP validation to upload. But I didn't have the pin out to go from the DB9 of the computer to the RJ11 on the BCU. So I tried to hyper terminal using my com4 adapter from my laptop to the BCU. I couldn't get talking to it. I think I had the right setting, but I'm not sure.

    Bits per second:38400
    Data bits: 8
    Stop bits:1
    Flow control:none or xon/xoff

    Any suggestions?

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    buy a upcm edit cable with the 9-pin adapter (two separate parts).

    Your hyperterminal settings look good, but you can use the BCU IP config tool and the upcm edit cable if you have Summit on your laptop.
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    You have the correct mini monitor hyper terminal settings. Have only used the serial port adapter to make this connection, have never heard of another way to do it. Is your Cat5 direct or going through a network switch?

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    You have to use the same cable you use for Varitrac and Tracker
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