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    micron gauge hook-up

    i have a jb platinum pump with the blank off valve. Is there really an issue hooking micron gauge up directly to the t fitting on pump, then closing isolation valve and monitoring gauge. Their manual says to buy seperate set-up allowing to bassically t into the suction line so your not getting readings influinced buy the pump. But with iso valve does it really matter?

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    You CAN do it either way, its just better to hook the micron gauge up as close to the system away from the pump and use isolation valves right at your connections to the system (done with core removal tools). Doing it this way will give you a more accurate micron reading because your not allowing leaks from vacuum hoses to influence your reading. Plus, the blank off valve on the pump can leak aswell, making you think your system your working on is leaking but it may just be the vacuum setup.

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