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Thread: McQuay to FX60

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    McQuay to FX60

    I ran into a job that has McQuay heat pumps going to an older MIG (looks like a companion) which goes to an NCM350. There is also another network of McQuay heat pumps going to another MIG (looks like an N30) which goes to another NCM350. Id like to replace the NCMs with an FX60 im just not sure what to do with the MIGs. I was looking at some older posts from a few years ago so I dont know if there are other options now. Is there a driver for the mcquays? I think they are using the microtech boards. It looks like I need the VCT files for the MIGs if they were to stay. Anyone have any other options? TIA

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    There is a McQuay driver from Tridium. In the Workbench help look at the docMcquay for the specifics. local:|module://docMcQuay/doc/index.html
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    All the ones I have done to date were McQuay RTU's with the MTII boards in them. We simply added ethernet cards to the RTU's (McQuay charges a LOT for JCI ethernet cards BTW) and connected them Bacnet IP. Look at the MIG(s) and see which template file they are using. You should be able to reverse engineer how to connect to an FX-60 with that info.
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    Another option is to look at the .DDL files for the NC's where the MIG's reside. You will be able to see how they are brought into the NC database and msybe you will be able to reuse the MIG's if that is what you want. I haven't done much with MIG's but I would have to think they would be brought in as a VND on the N2 bus.

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